Vietnam Memorial Stone


The Vietnam Memorial Stone is offered to all living Veterans who fought in the Vietnam War and wish to honor and memorialize their own service with their name displayed on the “Stone”.

The Vietnam Veterans Wall Memorial offers Families and Veterans a place to visit and offers to have a memento rubbing of the Veteran’s name on the Wall.

This “Stone” is made of the exact same black granite from Bangalore, India as the Wall, with the Veteran’s name engraved in the same font. Families, Friends and fellow Veterans can now bring the engraved name home where it can be treasured. It is a lasting memento that they can touch and be proud to display with love and respect, and for the Veteran to be eternally remembered. Everyone who sees this Vietnam Memorial Stone is very moved; when they touch it they recognize the loss and pride within a generation. Funeral Directors can also offer the “Stone” to the families they serve for the passing of a Vietnam Veteran to show their sincere gratitude for those who gave their lives for their country, whether it is a burial or a cremation.

Vietnam Memorial Stone is 12″ long, 3″ high, 1″ wide, and weighs five pounds

“If can no longer
See you with my eyes
Touch you with my hands
But I will feel you in my heart

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