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“Mr. Field. I was planning on being cremated, but after having seen your Air Force casket, I now want to be buried in one, and thank you for what you do for us Veterans”. 
Byron ‘BB’ Bartlett
Tail Gunner, B-17, WWII, USAAF

The white gloves are placed on the Veterans’ hands with the right hand gripping the handle of the sword (un-scabbarded) with the left hand resting on top of the right hand, the sword pointing downward from just above the waist on top of the Branch of Service Flag which is placed over the body. The hat is displayed to the left and below the crook of the arm. Or, it can be displayed on the top corner of the pillow closest to the open lid and to the left of the Veteran’s head. The empty scabbard is placed on the left at the waist as though attached to the belt, and pointing downward, as it would be worn.

If the service is for a closed casket, then the Cover and Gloves are placed on top of the casket, at the head end with the visor facing towards the foot end. The handle end of the Sword and Scabbard are placed just below the Cover and Gloves centered on top of the casket pointing to the foot end also. The arch of the sword and scabbard will be facing towards the back side, or left, and the inverted side to the front.

The Veteran is now ready for viewing and burial.

Should the Family so desire and in memory of the Veteran, the Sword & Scabbard can be removed along with the Cover & Gloves, Honorable Service Display, Flag Bag, Register Book, Ceremonial Belt & Buckle, and the Coat-of-Arms if it is a pre-need. The Brass Motto and Flag Plates can be removed. The Service Flag remains in place for a final tribute of the Veteran’s Service.


I do a lot of Pre-Need caskets as Veterans like to have a “say” in their final presentation. They  have choices and like to get involved in the details of the planning and placement of their awards and other embellishments, plus the personalized embroidery that is included.

The Pre-Need casket is shipped immediately from the manufacturing facility when completed. It will be delivered to wherever the Veteran or Next-of-Kin so chooses to have it sent.


If traceable, it is included with all pre-need caskets and sewn on to a Honorable Service Display which hangs over the head-end of the Casket. A few examples are shown below:


This is included with all pre-need purchases at no additional charge. These items are personalized embroidered Flag Bag, Honorable Service Display and Casket Cover. And also, a Family Coat-of-Arms.


It is included with all pre-need caskets and comes with embroidered branch of service emblem, rank and name. Made of the same Uniform Fabric and Trim as the casket interiors.


““A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check Made Payable to ‘The United States of America’  for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’  That is Honor””

A Special Tribute for the Families to Honor their Veteran
for service to our country. I warmly introduce:

Jane L. Criswell-Rickman, Poet

UNIFORM AND MEDALS FOR BURIAL of Officers and Enlisted personnel can be obtained by authorized Military Clothing Sales Stores upon request. Military Uniform Exchange (for all branches of service)and Medals of America will make every effort to accommodate At-Need service as well as Pre-Need. MCSS will require a copy of your DD214 to validate your service. The uniform ceremonial belt that is included with the casket can be displayed at the waist as it would be worn, either under or on top of the Flag. Should you want a authentic Army World War II or Korean War uniform custom made to order, then contact Jerry Lee at What Price Glory.

ATTIRE that would be appropriate to wear if the Veteran is not in uniform quite often is asked of me. My recommendation is that either a black or blue blazer, sport coat, or suit, be worn with a white shirt. For the Air Force and Coast Guard, a light blue shirt will do nicely as that is the color of the shirt worn with their Dress Blue uniform. Medals and Ribbons can be worn just above the left breast pocket. For an appropriate Tie, go to Ties of Honor and select your branch of service, divisions served, decorations awarded, campaigns participated in, or a regimental Tie. Now, the personal presentation of the Veteran is complete, and along with the Sword and Scabbard, Service Flag, and the Hat & Gloves, make for a perfect viewing in honor of a deserving Veteran who is without uniform.

RIBBONS AND MEDALS can be purchased for Military purposes from Medals of America.

… thanks for such a touching tribute to the Veterans of the USA. These caskets
are by far the most remarkable thing that I have ever seen. I had planned to
purchase another type, but since seeing your selection,
have decided to change my mind.”.

Alvin Gainey
U.S. Army Veteran


“Permission must be granted for commercial purposes, in writing, from each of the Branches of Service to use their emblem provided the circumstances under which they are reproduced or used do not reflect unfavorably on the Service or its personnel and that they conform to the dictates of good taste and propriety.”

Written permission was granted to Jonathan Field in 1996.

Permission to use the Branch of Service emblems in no way implies endorsement of the Jonathan Field products, for which they are used.

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