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We want to thank our guests for their contributions to humanity. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to have these notable leaders in their fields as guests on our Television Production of 'A Forum On Spirituality.' They have all become a part of the 'Forum On Spirituality' community.

Our current and future guests will be a great help to our viewers and listeners to offer a better understanding of the meaning and application of spirituality in our every day world. This Understanding will help you have a more clear working knowledge and better perspective of the world around you, so you can clarify and achieve your personal goals and to guide you to within yourself to help you find your way.

Susan Allison, PhD, intuitive counselor and author www.empoweredhealer.com

Magan Arthur, Business Consultant www.maganarthur.com

Dr. Katherine Athans; scientist, presenter, author "Make Your Dreams Come True Now!", and "The Heart Brain" www.drathans.blogspot.com

Jose Cabezas www.ancientwinds.net

Dr. Bob Belknap, Physician and lecturer

Irene Belknap, Artist website

Linda Bloom, MSW, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom MSW, LCSW; authors "One Hundred and One Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married", "Secrets of Great Marriages"; presenters at Esalen Institute, Kripalu, and The Institute Of Noetic Sciences; The Golden Door; San Marcos; Ranco La Puerta,Tecate, Mexico; The Lodge at Woodloch,Hawley, Pennsylvania. www.bloomwork.com/home.html

Mike Bodkin, MFT; founder of Vision Quest; lecturer and presenter www.ritesofpassagevisionquest.org

Sylvia Boorstein, Counselor, Teacher, Lecturer www.sylviaboorstein.com

Dr. Seymour Boorstein, Psychiatrist, Auhor www.doctor.com/Dr.Seymour_Boorstein

Dr. John Roosevelt Boetinger, Psychiatrist, Author, Lecturer, Teacher

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jungian expert, author, international speaker www.jeanbolen.com

Dr. Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist, author drlouann.ning.com

Cathy Coleman, Ph.D Executive Director noetic.org/directory/person/cathy-coleman/

Dr. Bruce Davis and Ruth Davis,Teachers, authors, lecturers, meditation teachers, movement specialists, European Retreat Center in Vacaville, CA www.silentstay.com

Dr. Mikol Davis and Carolyn Rosenblatt, R.N.; founders of AgingParents.com, and authors of "The Boomer's Guide To Aging Parents"; lecturers and presenters agingparents.com/wp

Carol Eckels, teacher, psychic thespiritualhealingcenter.org

Helen Farkas; author, presenter www.choosingtoparticipate.org/explore/upstanders/helen-farkas

Renee Gallegos, animal communicator; lecturer and teacher reneegallegos.wordpress.com

Francesco Garripiolli; Tai Chi Master; author, creator of PBS special www.gaiam.com/Francesco_Garripoli

Joseph Giove, film maker: "Shift Of The Ages"; international business http://www.intendbalance.com/

Steven Halpern, master musician and performing artist; Inner Peace Music; lecturer and presenter www.innerpeacemusic.com

Dr. Fred Hiatt, psychiatrist; founder of The Transpersonal Center, and presenter at The Esalen Institute; lecturer and presenter http://transpersonalcenter.com/about_us

Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione, founders of The Center For Attitudinal Healing International; author of "Love Is Letting Go Of Fear" www.jerryjampolsky.com

Pamela Johnson, Physical Therapist pamelajohnsonpt.com

Yebuny Johnson, Author, Coach www.getthatyoumatter.com/staff/yebuny-johnson/

Dana King, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and artist www.danakingart.com

Phyllis King, author of "Impressions; Simple Truths For Practicing Abundant Thinking"; and co-author of the books, "Collective Wisdom - Powerful Stories and Practical Advice foe Achieving Success", and "Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times" featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer; lecturer and presenter PhyllisKing.com

Boku Kodama, Entrepreneur, Director of the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center of Marin www.rencenter.org

Deborah Kolander, intuitive counselor and author www.deborahkolander.webs.com

Michael Krasny, professor at Stanford, UCSF, San Francisco State University; author of "Spiritual Envy"; prominent TV and Radio host www.kqed.org/radio/about/staff/michael-krasny.jsp

Dr. Fred Luskin, professor, Stanford University, The Forgiveness Project www.learningtoforgive.com

Make A Wish Foundation, Granting Life Threatened Children's Last Wishes www.wish.org

Jeff Marcous, Business Expert, Sacred Commerce www.dharmmerchantservices.com/about/commerce-with-compassion/our-leaders

Peter McCarthy, Author, Pilot, Lecturer www.adrenaline-nation.com/

Jim McGarry; teacher at Mercy High School, presenter, assistant at to Helen Farkas www.csee.org/authors/108

Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, scientist, founder of The Institute Of Noetic Science www.noetic.org

Carol Naber, psychic

John Robert Nieters, L.Ac.; DAOM Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, DNBAO, Dipl.C.H., teacher, lecturer, Health Talk Radio KEST 1450 AM; and www.The Balancing Point.net ; President of The Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences www.alamedaacupuncture.com

Erin Ross, Coach, Lecturer www.hstarinc.com/public_html/erinrosscoaching/services.htm

Dr. Beverly Rubrick, Scientist, Author, Lecturer http://energymedicineuniversity.org/faculty/rubik.html

Marilyn Schlitz, President, The Institute Of Noetic Science www.noetic.org

Carolyn Smith, international translator http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carolyn-smith/6/328/782

Michael Tamura, author, lecturer, teacher and Raphaelle Tamura, author, lecturer and teacher www.michaeltamura.com

Dr. Jack Travis, founder of The Wellness Resource Center, author of "Disappearing Dads", and "The Wellness Workbook" www.thewellspring.com

Richard Unger, author, lecturer, teacher www.lifeprints.com

Rose Welch, Executive Assistant, Lecturer noetic.org/conference2013/presenters/rose-welch/

Wilford Welch, author, international lecturer www.wilfordwelch.com

Gloria Wilcox, author, renowed presenter & counselor www.gloriawilcox.com

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