“I left a lot of my buddies on that beach, and it would do them honor for me to be buried under the same cross as they are at Normandy.”

– Anonymous. WWII Veteran, Boat Team 7,
2nd Wave, Omaha Beach, Normandy


As a former Marine myself, these headstones serve as my credentials and legitimacy to do honor for the Veteran community. I have the privilege of offering the Latin Cross and Star of David to the precise specifications of the original blueprints.

There has never been grave markers that symbolize the American War Dead more than the Latin Cross and Star of David. They are displayed on all of the overseas grave sites in American military cemeteries throughout the world, and are recognized by Veterans as the only authentic representation of our devotion to our fallen Brothers-In-Arms.

The Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves

The Latin Cross and Star of David have never before been available to the Veterans of our country, until now. I proudly offer these grave markers to all Veterans and their families to honor themselves in their final resting place. These crosses are presented with a sense of passion, heraldry, and duty that only a Veteran would demand and so deserve.

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