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“There is deep reason, history and tradition that
goes into the making and wearing of one’s uniform. Only a member of
the Armed Forces and Civil Services can really relate to this fact.
With the added embellishments of his service and personal accomplishments,
the Veteran feels an immense amount of pride. My products are fabricated
using the same materials that are used in the making of the Dress Blue
uniform as worn by all those who serve.”

Jonathan Signature

Our Marine Corps casket was used in an episode of the
EMMY Award winning television production of the program
that was aired on October 14, 2008 on the
FOX Network in the episode “Birth Marks”.


For the United States Military, tradition and integrity count for everything. These same values have inspired Jonathan Field to achieve excellence in the production of the finest military caskets ever presented. The Honor, Heraldry, and Colors of the service uniform, which has been worn with great pride, can now be replicated in the service casket. These caskets are representative of the service uniform worn by the individual, and decorated in such a way that the design will reflect the service as well as the Veteran himself.

This is an opportunity for Veterans to present themselves as only they can and as they served. The casket is also representative of their illustrious career, personal idiosyncrasies, service bearing and unique experiences. These unique caskets are unlike anything that has ever before been produced. Their authenticity is as pure as the uniform itself, as the Veteran will settle for nothing less. The finest authentic materials, combined with painstaking craftsmanship, rigorous inspection, and service grade compliance are brought together to create a masterpiece.

“I really wanted a commemorative Officers casket for my Father, and Jonathan, you provided exactly that. He was quite pleased to choose his casket before he passed. A warm thank you from Dad, and a big hug from Mom and myself”.

Beth Timmons



  • CASKET is completely lined using the Dress Blue uniform fabric, or uniform of choice, with trim and buttons, and painted the exact same color. Each handle has attached the Cap Devices, with a branch of service medallion at the head end, and a JF (Jonathan Field Collection) medallion on the foot end. Pin Stripe as is the uniform trim.
  • MUSIC CD are songs of the branch of service in Chorus and Instrumental. It is to be played very softly during viewing and is a wonderful memento item to be given to the Family.

  • LAPEL PIN in a leatherette box is for the Wife or for another Family member to wear.

  • BRASS OR SILVER 9″ CROSS is a memento for many generations and would be perfectly displayed with a Gold/Silver framed photograph of the Veteran. The military font TIMES ROMAN is used for the engraving of Rank and Name.

  • COVER, with the GLOVES placed on the hands of the Veteran holding the Sword. The cover can be displayed just below the forearm. It is never to be laid on top

  • NOTE: As with tradition “I want to go down wrapped in my colors with sword in hand.” And it shall be, as this is how a true Warrior is laid to rest.

  • 3’x5′ BRANCH OF SERVICE FLAG is to be draped over the Veteran from just below the chest on downward. It is NOT a memento item and is to be buried with him at which time the flag extends from the shoulders on down to the foot end of the casket

  • SWORD is to be placed in the right gloved hand with the left hand resting on top of the right hand over the flag. The tip is pointing towards the foot end with the scabbard on the left side at the waist as it would be worn. It can be buried with the Veteran, or kept by the Family as a memento.

  • FLAG BAG is used for the folded American Flag. The Flag is to be folded tight and never to be unfolded. The three (3) spent M-1 Rifle Cartridges are inclosed in the velvet bag are to be placed into a fold of the flag and remain with it. A cover emblem is at the top as it would be worn and a Honorable Discharge Pin is displayed just underneath his Rank and Name. The corner is “cut” using his Good Conduct Ribbon. Two (2) Commemorative Ribbons are displayed from left to right: American Defense Ribbon for service to our country, and a Honorable Service Ribbon. A uniform button is displayed, and a Dog Tag is attached which can be engraved with his Rank, Name, and Branch of Service, or his own tag can be substituted. The foam insert is used strictly for display purposes and should be discarded at the time that the flag is put into the bag, or before. The Pin and Ribbons can be removed and his own awards can be substituted. The Flag Bag is kept as a Family memento.NOTE: The honored ritual of handing Old Glory, respectfully folded, to a family member “Honoring the Passing; For Service to a Great Nation” is the way to pay respect to the life and service of a military veteran. It commemorates the commitment and dedication of those who chose to serve their country so selflessly. A sacred military tradition, “Presenting the Flag” recognizes the passing of a veteran from one life into the next. The American Flag is held aloft before the funeral casket, and then folded, allowing the fighting spirit of the veteran to enter the flag and be formally retired forever.

  • THREE (3) SPENT M-1 RIFLE CARTRIDGES are to remain in the velvet bag and placed in the fold of the American Flag. Should there be a Honor Guard firing three rifle volleys, then these cartridges can be engraved with his Rank and Name and given to Family members as mementos. The three cartridges from the Honor Guard volleys are to be put in the velvet bag and then into the Flag.NOTE: The reason the three spent cartridges are symbolic, is because during a lull in battle during World War I, both sides would fire three volleys each and then would remove their dead and wounded from the field of battle.
  • HONORABLE SERVICE DISPLAY is in recognition of the Veteran’s service. A cover emblem is at the top as it would be worn, and a Honorable Discharge Pin is displayed just underneath Rank and Name. The corner is “cut” with his Good Conduct Ribbon, and a uniform button is also attached. The three (3) Commemorative Medals displayed are from left to right: American Defense Medal for service to our country, “In Appreciation of Excellence” Medallion which can be engraved and used as a memento item, and a Honorable Service Medal. Should he not be wearing his Medals and Ribbons and other embellishments, the Pin and three Medals can be discarded and his personal awards put in their place. This display is kept as a Family memento.

  • PALLBEARER’S KIT includes six pair of white gripper gloves, six branch of service lapel pins, and six officer sword mourning knots which are worn on the left arm closest to the heart. These items can be kept by the Pallbearers, or should there be a Honor Guard, they can be given as mementos.
  • DOG TAG is to be attached to the front handle on the casket nearest the head end and is engraved with Rank, Name, and Branch of Service, or own Dog Tag can be displayed.

  • REGISTER BOOK is for Family and Friends in Honor of the life and passing, and is a wonderful memento.

  • GOLD STAR SERVICE BANNER is embroidered with Rank and Name and displayed in a window of the place of residence of individuals who are members of the immediate family of an individual having served in the Armed Forces of the United States.

  • CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and a SYMPATHY CARD with a package of FLANDER’S POPPY SEEDS enclosed which are to be scattered on the grave or a home garden memorial.
  • BLACK VELOUR BAGS are used in the packaging of many of the items.

To honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans.

It is an engraved certificate which bears the current President’s signature expressing the country’s grateful recognition of veteran’s service in the United States Armed Forces.

This item must be requested and applied for by the Next-of-Kin.


  • CASKET COVER is embroidered with the Branch of Service, Rank and Name, and used for between services and transportation of the casket. After the American Flag is folded and given to the Family, then the Casket Cover is placed on the casket.
  • FAMILY CREST is hand embroidered and sewn on to a smaller Honorable Service Display and to be placed at the head end of the casket. It is hand embroidered and obtained from England.


I am asked on occasion if I can make a casket for the Veteran’s Wife. Yes, I can and do, with many choices being offered for personalization and the placement of any of the Veterans’ embellishments. It is usually done for pre-need planning for both, or after the Veteran has passed. There are many options offered, personal requests to be considered, and modifications needing to be made.

Army Casket

“Jonathan, I want you to know that these are the most beautiful caskets that I have ever seen, and I mean it”.

Dale Gresham
Caskets and Stones
Greenwood, South Carolina

“It’s the difference that authenticity makes.”


“Why pay more for less when you can pay less for more”

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“Permission must be granted for commercial purposes, in writing, from each of the Branches of Service to use their emblem provided the circumstances under which they are reproduced or used do not reflect unfavorable on
the Service or its personnel and that they conform to the dictates of good taste and propriety.”

Written permission was granted to Jonathan Field in 1996.

Permission to use the Branch of Service emblems in no way implies endorsement of the Jonathan Field products,
for which they are used.

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