Marine casket conversion kit


These kits will transform any casket for a military presentation using authentic uniform materials and embellishments. These are made for all the branches of service: Marine Corps, Navy Chief Petty Officer & Petty Officer, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Included are all the following items:

  1. Cover and Gloves.
  2. Branch of Service Flag.
  3. Flag Bag.
  4. Register Book.
  5. Pallbearers Kit.
  6. Embroidered Branch of Service Emblem.
  7. Lapel Pin.
  8. Notched Dog Tag.
  9. Official Branch of Service Medallion.
  10. Sympathy Card with Poppy Seeds.
  11. Family Description of Kit Items.
  12. Funeral Home Instructions for Display of the Conversion Kit.

PRICE: $495.00

Navy Chief Petty Officer Conversion Kit
Navy Chief Petty Officer

Navy Petty Officer Conversion Kit
Navy Petty Officer

Army Casket Conversion Kit

Air Force conversion kit
Air Force

Coast Guard conversion kit
Coast Guard

“Mr. Field,

I Just wanted to write you and tell you what a wonderful package you have assembled that you call a conversion kit. My father who served from 1953-1963 as a Marine, passed away on Tuesday, September 1st, in Houston, Missouri and I had seen your website browsing while waiting in the hospital with him a week ago and I thought then what a wonderful looking package. While due to a time constraint, I was able to get the conversion kit and all I can say is WOW! My mother so pleased and thus is certainly something my whole family can be proud of as is very dignified and honorable. Again, I just wanted to tell you Thanks from my heart and keep up your work"

God Bless You,

Derek Lear
Sr. Project Manager
Kingston Job Site